2-very ampleness for adjoint bundles of ample and spanned by Lanteri A. PDF

By Lanteri A.

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Damage: bonus damage from the attack equals the characters class level – 2. These criteria are determined by the character’s level plus their Wisdom ability modifier, signifying both practice and mental control over positive energy. If the character’s class level plus Wisdom modifier is greater then seventeen they can begin to combine two advanced smiting abilities. When this total reaches greater than twenty-four they can combine three different abilities in a single smite attack. These levels may seem demanding, but only the truly powerful paladins should be able to achieve the tremendous effects produced by unleashing multiple forms of positive energy within a smite evil attack.

Requirements: Dexterity 15+, Detect Evil class ability. Benefits: There is a 10% chance that any blow striking the character from an evil opponent is instinctively deflected using the character’s shield. If this occurs, resolve damage against the shield using the normal rules for damaging objects (see Core Rulebook I). HEART OF VIGOUR (PALADIN) Vitality and strong life energies empower characters possessing this feat. Such a spirit makes these characters highly resistant to the negative forces that oppose life.

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2-very ampleness for adjoint bundles of ample and spanned vector bundles on surfaces by Lanteri A.

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