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A transparent web page through web page black and white test of Seow's grammar.

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In fact, any ending may be added directly to the first two radicals, after the final weak radical is dropped. ' TT Noun fruit affliction poor, afflicted fl. A few nouns retain the original I I1-Waw I Yog. These are, nevertheless, listed under the hypothetical IIl-i1 in the dictionaries. i1iD "Y· A few monosyllabic nouns with Tor .. are classified as III-He: :J~ father, n~ brother, f~ tree, ll'1 friend. vi above), one will simply have to check the dictionary to know which is correct - at least in the judgment of the lexicographers.

I 2. I I. burnt offerings messengers ilYi ..... 16. il~~,r-i T : 5· r 8. " il1':lr T I 2. " il1iY T 6. words 7. iniquities c. Translate the following into Hebrew: I. spirits 13. (two) hands 2. 8. battles 5. places 3. rams I 14. ) palaces 9. masters 10. 4. lights 5. stones that you recognize and translate them. ~1 d. Read out loud the following passage. Then pick out the words . 1 Nouns Lesson V 1. , qll). In some cases, the fact that there are two identical radicals does not pose any problem.

Cx). The -'O must be a prefix. The root is ;,Jp. It turns out that there are, according to BDB, two roots ;,Jp. i? appears after "I ;"IJji" (meaning "get, acquire"). : The ;,T - ending is obviously a marker of the feminine. l'O. vii). l'O (p. 594). Thus, the -'D must be a prefix. l. ,,-,,n :i1ir-i: This form is a bit tricky. cx). Since neither '';,in nor is attested, the third possibility must be correct. i). The latter is correct. The root is ;"IJ:::2. 1: Since n'. ii), the root is either ,:·pn 50 I Excursus A nit9~: The final ni- is probably the fp ending.

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