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A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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0~ (in them). By analogy, one expects the 3 fp to have suffix, in addition to F) Although unattested with prepositions, this suffix is in fact found in other c~mtexts and should be learned as a possible form. u. When in pause, the 2 ms form is usually 1 (-a~). One must take special note of this, since the form is identical to the 2 fs suffix. 111. The accent on the r cp suffix is importa12t; without the penultimate stress, the word may mean something else. Compare: ~J~ (in us), ~J~ (they built).

J T- I7. n'm 27. J 8. :J~ I8. '~lp 28. :11tv TT 9· ;"':;)TJ T- I9. ~ 29. n~ IO. :1NTJ 20. 0'1~ 'T 30. :11S TT T T T •• T : Definite Article I 55 Lesson VI 1. The Definite Article ( Cl "/1 1 () 1"" , c. A few words are vocalized a little differently when they take the definite article. 1 ys prefixed to the word it determines. 1. The normal form is iJ + the strong diiges in the next consonant. ~iJ the king n~~ a house n~~iJ the house Note: There is no indefinite article in Hebrew. " b. i). Hence, we get the following.

H wtT""J:l~l IO. 'Dl 'rv~~ i1)i1 II. I 5. like him c. ~Ti1Pi1 I2. e. Read Gen 4I:I7-20 out loud and translate the passage with the help of a dictionary and these notes. Q;! , the Nile). 3. : and beautiful I. lil1 and they were feeding. 4. like a consuming fire 5. ~) them '~ a hand that is stretched o ut aga in st me 8. yo u (ms) a rc mo re ri ghteo us than I I ,r v I9 : 1~9 1~t;l ni~lllit. ~~ in nil lh c Iand o f Egy pt. :J~hi and (s uhj ccl) ate . _J "\) cJ. ~. Demonstratives I 105 Lesson X I.

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