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Ro7-17) led to widespread revolts in Italy. He was joined by Arpi in Apulia (iii. II8. 3), Salapia (Livy, xxiv. 2o. rs), Aecae (Livy, xxiv. 2o. 5), Herdonea (Livy, xxiv. 2o. 8, xxv. 21. r), and Compsa (Livy, xxiii. r. r). The Samnite tribes, the Hirpini and Caudini, went over; and, on Mago's arrival with a small force, almost all Lucania (Livy, xxiii. II. II; but cf. Livy, XXV. r6. s), and among the Bruttii all the towns but Petelia (Livy, xxiii. II. 7, 20. 4) and Consentia (Livy, xxiii. 30. s).

Livy, xxiv. 7· 3. ' This road evidently descended Colle San Mauro on its western side, in a northerly direction; it then followed the ridge round to the north-west, with the continuous houses on its right, under the cliff, and with the river on its left, thus reaching the agora at the very entrance to the Valle San Mauro. See the sketch-map on p. 37· 7-8. On Hiero, Gelo, and Hieronymus; critic·ism of previous writers 7. 1. : Aoyoyparpot here are simply 'historians, prose-writers', contrasted with poets (cf.

R) or, according to Livy, xxiii. 30. 1, Himilco. Frontinus (Strat. iv. 5· r8) also gives eleven months as the 3. so CAPUA ANDj_PETELIA VII. 2. I duration of the which will have ended in summer 215. On the siege see also Livy, xxiii. 20. 4-ro, 30. r-2; Val. Max. vi. 6. ext. 2; Sil. It. xii. 431-z (a second Saguntum). 4. s 'll'ohe~: Atella and Calatia in Campania followed the example of Capua (Livy, xxii. 61. ), xxvi. 34. 6, u); but it is clear from Livy (xxiii. rs. 3. q. 4-6) that Nuceria and Acerrae were sacked after some resistance, and the bigger cities like Nola and Neapolis held out.

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