A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa by Julian Granberry PDF

By Julian Granberry

ISBN-10: 3895867640

ISBN-13: 9783895867644

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Source: Dtary 2] winupa rticle(w i·'no) /wino/ [weeno] very [Source : Diary 1; Noyes 'ween'] wisuk noun (wi·'suk ) /wis:Jk! [wesuck] bed [Source: Diary 1] 58 59 wisuqua- verb (wi-'su·qua-) /wis:icwa-1 [wesukw-] hurt oneself. Ex. ni wisuquan [ne wesukwon] 'I hurt myself [Source: Diary 2] witun noun (wi·'tun) lwit:m/ [wetun] wind [Source: Diary 1; Stiles 'wuttun'] wiwacum noun (wi·wa·'cum) /wiwac:Jml [weworcherm-] corn; plural wiwacumunx [weworchermunch] /wiwac:Jm-:1n-sl [Source: Diary I; Stiles 'wewautchemins'] wiwusig noun (wi·'wu·sig) lwiw~igl [weywusseg] knife [Source : Noyes] wixag noun (wi·'xag-) /wisag-1 [weeshawg] hairy (animal); plural wixagunx [weeshawgunsh] lwisag-:1n-sl [Source: Diary 2; Noyes 'weshongunsh'] wixbayum verb (wix·ba·'yum) lwisbay:ml [wishbium] Get out!

Ex. goynodom [geryundum] /g:}-y;md-:m/ 'you are hungry'; noyondomi /n:}-y:JI'Id-:mi/ 'I am not hungry' [Source: Diary l; Tale; Noyes 'schiant-'] yonjan- verb (yon·'jan-) ly:JI'Ijan-1 [yunjan-] open. Ex. ' [Source: Tale] yot- verb (yot-) /y:}-/ [yert-] think. Ex. yotom [Source: Diary 1] [yertum] 'he thinks' yuxamag noun (yo·'xa·mag) lya5amagl [hyushamag] husband [Source: Stiles] z zab particle (zab) lzab/ [zob] tomorrow [Source: Diary 1] zambwi particle straight [Source: Dairy 2] zatata noun (za·'ta·ta) /zatata/ [zotortar] Saturday (Der.

A Modern Mohegan Text. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. 469-476. 1928. Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut: A Mohegan Diary. In the Bureau of American Ethnology 43rd Annual Report, pp. 199289. Stiles, Ezra 1762. A Vocabulary of the Pequot Indians, Obtained in 1762 at Groton, Connecticut. International Journal of American Linguistics, 39(4):164-172 [in article by William Cowan, Pequot from Stiles to Speck]. 01 Wang Xianzheng, Zhu Yongzhong, Min he Mangghuer- English Keith Slater, & Kevin Stuart Dictionary 03 John Keegan Dictionary of Mbay 16 Michel Ferlus (ed .

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