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In (32) set ‘woman’ is not the causer of the causative structures. Although the subject agreement element shows that the subject is third person singular masculine, there is no such subject in the structure because if such subject is found at subject position, the structure becomes ungrammatical as it is shown in (32c). Causative verbs such as asäññ- ‘to make wish for’ and as-t’äll- ‘to make hate something’ have similar characteristics. Like in Oromo, these causerless constructions are subjectless in the sense that the ending on the verb is in fact the default form and does not refer to a logical subject.

When causative a- is used as verbalizer, such a- derived verbs can be intransitives; they take one agentive argument as shown below: 33. ’ aläk’k’äs-ä CAUS: cry-3M:PF 39 Chapter 3 34. ’ aš-guwabbät’-ä CAUS- bend-3M:PF The verb aläkkäs- ‘to cry’ is not expressed ideophonically but the intransitive causative aš-guwabbat’- in (34) is derived from an intransitive base gobbät’- ‘to be bent’. , to say ‘bent’. The affixation of the causative morpheme does not result in transitivization of the corresponding base verbs.

Aster-ïn 23. ’ as-yaz-ä-u CAUS-hold-3M:PF-3MSO as-t’äbbäk’-(ä)-at CAUS-guard-3M:PF-3FSO as-bäll-ahu-at CAUS-eat-1S:PF-3FSO In (21) the causees lïj-u-n ‘the boy’ and in (22) and (23) Aster-ïn are expressed as object of the corresponding morphological causatives similar to the patients dïmätu-n ‘the cat’ in (21) and bet-u-n ‘the house’ in (22); 3FSO refers to the causee the patient constituents are all masculine. In these examples, both the causees and patients are marked for accusative case. Object agreement on the verbs is controlled only by causees.

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