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These accounts present no unusual security problems that cannot be addressed through those measures already in place for the general computerized applications, such as control of access to the terminals and through them to the appropriate com­ puter files, proper systems and procedures, and effective auditing programs. Administration and Office Management. Although this area encompasses mostly non-financial activity, there are a number of opportunities for fraudulent activity which can result in financial loss: false letters of credit; false credit reports; falsification of information within the process of loan origination and authorization, which itself is frequently automated on a small, self-contained computer system which is separate from the main electronic data processing (EDP) department.

40 Access Control and Personal Identification Systems Office Equipment Typewriters and adding machines have always been targets for both the casual and the professional thief, but their value is exceeded many times by that of the personal computers, computer terminals, word processors, facsimile machines, and so forth, that populate the modern office. There are a number of manufac­ turers who offer physical locking pads and cables to secure these equipments, but the most certain protection is to exclude all but authorized persons from the office by means of an access control system.

The second card was placed in a slot corresponding to the room number at a console located at the front desk, and the room door could be opened only if the two cards corresponded exactly; if the control card was removed, no card could be used to open the door. Insertion of an incorrect card at the room signalled a "tamper" alarm at the front desk. When the customer departed, the cards were destroyed and a new "key" was made for the next occupant. The system was also 48 Access Control and Personal Identification Systems used for controlling access to storage areas for food, linen, silverware, and so forth, by employees, and for controlled access to rooms by housekeeping personnel.

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