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Al-Quran the Miracle of Miracles. this can be a short publication and is the reason the meanings and the definitions of miracle. It additionally describes a number of the clinical evidence pointed out within the Quran which sleek scientists, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, verify as real. A ebook on faith and technology.

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AXns‚ kabØv AXv shfns∏SpØp∂Xv Ah≥ am{XamIp∂p. BImißfnepw `qanbnepw AXv `-mcn®Xmbncn°p∂p. s]s´∂√msX AXv \n߃-°v- hcpIbn√. hnip≤ Jp¿B≥ (7:187) ta¬ hN\w kphntijØnse am¿t°mkv : 13mw A≤ymbw apgph\pambpw XmcXayw sNøp∂Xv DNnXambncn°pw. tasebp≈ H¡hN\Øns‚ Xo¿∏nseØm≥ 37 hN\ßsf AXp]tbmKs∏SpØp∂p. a\pjy\n¿ΩnX {KŸßsf ssZhnI hN\ßfn¬ \n∂pw Xncn®dnbm\p≈ Hscfnb]co£Ww. hnip≤ Jp¿B≥ Ae¶mcßfn¬ \n∂pw A\mhiy hniZoIcWßfn¬ \n∂pw hnap‡amWv. ¬K ŠG }G F H ZO ÂG H á M –H 1. - ¬H ¿G ³ R šOZ F H ZO 2. God, the Eternal, the Absoulte;6298 A√mlp Gh¿°pw B{ibam-bn´p≈h\mIp∂p ¬M šG ÂHž âM ƒG š yG ¬M ¾I ƒGž âM ƒG š 3.

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Al-Qur'an - The Miracle of Miracles   by Ahmed Deedat, Visit Amazon's Mr.Faisal Fahim Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Mr.Faisal Fahim,

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