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By Maxim Chetverik, Alexander Raetsky

ISBN-10: 1857443721

ISBN-13: 9781857443721

During this publication Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik have a look again at how Alekhine
defeated his competitors in marvelous type. incorporated are a few of Alekhine's most renowned assaults
and excellent mixtures. A deep research of his video games can't fail to motivate any actual chess fan.

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26 23. Relinquishing the Initiative In the third case, there is nothing to do, once the material advantage is obtained, but to submit to the opponent's attack for a while, and once it has been repulsed to act quickly with all your forces and win on material. A good example of this type of games is given below. 27 I have passed over the game lightly because of its difficult nature, and because we are at present concerned more with the opening and the middle-game than we are with the endings, which will be treated separately.

It is always an advantage to threaten something, but such threats must be carried into effect only if something is to be gained immediately. For, holding the threat in hand, forces the opponent to provide against its execution and to keep material in readiness to meet it. Thus he may more easily overlook, or be able to parry, a thrust at another point. But once the threat is carried into effect, it exists no longer, and your opponent can devote his attention to his own schemes. One of the best and most successful manoeuvres in this type of game is to make a demonstration on one side, so as to draw the forces of your opponent to that side, then through the greater mobility of your pieces to shift your forces quickly to the other side and break through, before your opponent has had the time to bring over the necessary forces for the defence.

It is on this fact that White builds his plans. He will stop Black's Queenside pawns from advancing, and will then bring his own King to e3. Then in due time he will play d3-d4, and finally e4-e5, or g2-g4-g5, thus forcing an exchange of pawns and obtaining in that way a clear passed pawn on the e-file. It will be seen that this plan was carried out during the course of the game, and that White obtained his winning advantage in that way. The play was based throughout on the chance of obtaining a passed pawn on the e-file, with which White expected to win.

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