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Alekhine's video games and writings encouraged me from an early age. ...I fell in love with the wealthy complexity of his principles on the chessboard. ...I desire readers of this publication will suppose equally encouraged through Alekhine's masterpieces. - from the Foreword through Garry Kasparov.
Alexander Alekhine captivated the chess international along with his stunning combinative play. His genius has been a powerful impression on each nice participant due to the fact, none extra so than global Champion Garry Kasparov. This publication features a number of some of the best of Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games, coverted to algebraic through John Nunn. those video games span his occupation from the early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubinstein, via his international identify battles, to his conferences with the recent new release of gamers who have been to dominate chess in Nineteen Fifties.

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H7 15 �h1 o-o; Breyer - Hromadka, Baden 1914. e) 7 c[)c3 f4! 8 h3 c[)d4! g. 9 c[)a4 9 . . xd4 10 c[)dS ( 10 c[)a4? a6) 10 . . b6 13 d 4 �f8. 6 o-o The natural move 6 ... e. 7 exfS! 0-0 (or 7 . . ;Je2 c[)d7 13 c[)e4! ;Jc6 1 4 c[)c3 with a winni ng position for White . c4+ �h8 8 c[)gS d6 ( 8 . . e6� Tarasov - Tsarev , Moscow 1 973. d6 7 Possible is 7 ... ;Jd8 10 c3 with 10 . . fxe4 1 1 dxe4 a6, o r i mmediately 1 0 . . a6 with approximately equal chances. j . Belavenets recomm­ ends the i mmediate 7 .

Xf2 c:£)e4! 17 4jg3 ( 1 7 c:£)c3 gets the same reply) 17 . . tf1b4! xe8? xe2. xe2 tf1xe2 In this critical position Black s tands okay despite the pawn deficit. 16 d3 4Jh51 Less i ncisive is 16 ... c6 17 h3 4jh5! e3 tf1xd1 19 ... Others 61 �axd1 4Jg3! 20 �fe1 4jf5= Stoica - Ciocal tea, Bucha­ rest 1980. e3 18 fxe3 tf1xe3+ 19 C{tlh1 4Jg3+1 20 hxg3 tf1h6+ 21 C{tlg1 tf1e3+ With a draw by perpetual. B22 8 4Jf3 This i mmediate attack on the central ised knight red­ uces Black's attacking possibil i ties.

D6 16 c3 4:Jg4 1 7 f4 �h6 1 8 h3 and Black had no compen­ sation for the pawn . 9 4:Jf3 . . xfS Black has good chances for an attack on the ki ng's wing. For example: a) 10 4:Je2 4:Jg4 with dan­ gerous play . g 4 ! g 3 ( 13 4:Jxd4? �xf4 1 4 4:Je6 thh4) 13 ... 4:jf5 1 4 d4 4:Jxg3 1S fxg3 (15 4:Jxg3 �h4 16 h3 4:Jxf2) 1S . �gS with a strong attack Tringov - Gru n feld, Skara 1980. gS c6 1 I h3 (after 1 1 4:Je2 �e7 12 4:Jxd 4 there w i l l fol low 1 2 . . xb2) 1 1 . . �c7. In the game Kagan - Wedberg, Lucerne 1 979 White ans­ wered 12 4:jf3?

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