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By Pamela Bloom

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The second one revised variation of this advisor, previously "Fieldings Amazon", with jungle treks, canoe journeys, jeep rides and cruises, in addition to shuttle within the towns of Belem, Manaus, and Santarem. huge wildlife sections, journey arrangements, health and wellbeing matters, cultural facets, eco-travel and historic history are incorporated.

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A most curious jungle saga began when automobile mogul Henry Ford, after researching sites around the world, decided that the Tapajós Valley was the best region in which to cultivate rubber trees on an international scale. ) Capitalizing on a contract that awarded him 110,000 kilometers of forest for 50 years, Ford actually transported an entire prefabricated city into the jungle, complete with all the modern facilities. The community, appropriately named Fordilândia, was light-years ahead of other cities in the Amazon Basin.

At that time Amazônia must have seemed a warm inviting refuge in contrast to the cold, empty highlands that offered little sustenance. Most assuredly, the first inhabitants encountered luxuriant plant life, copious fish, manatees and giant turtles, which they heartily consumed. Most likely, these early native tribes were also hunter-gatherers, living off the fruits of the jungle and practicing the slash-burn technique of shifting agriculture that is still used in the region today. By the time the first Europeans arrived in the late 15th century, there were probably around six million native people scattered all over Brazil.

It was only a natural extension of the modern pulse that the 20th century would witness the veritable "pushing back of the jungle" or at least, determined attempts to tame it. In 1912 one of the region's most illustrious visitors was Theodore Roosevelt, who voyaged down the basin's southern tributaries. A river discovered on that mission, first called River of Doubt, was later renamed Rio Roosevelt. Traveling intimately with local tribespeople, Roosevelt developed a greater respect for native intelligence than some of his predecessors, but his attitude toward wildlife, alligators in particular, was hardly allied to conservation.

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