Anselm of Canterbury: The Major Works by St. Anselm, Brian Davies, G. R. Evans PDF

By St. Anselm, Brian Davies, G. R. Evans

ISBN-10: 0192825259

ISBN-13: 9780192825254

Even supposing totally confident of the reality of Christianity, Anselm of Canterbury struggled to make feel of his faith. He thought of the doctrines of religion a call for participation to question, to imagine, and to profit; and he dedicated his existence to confronting and figuring out the main elusive features of Christianity. His writings on issues equivalent to loose will, the character of fact, and the life of God make Anselm one of many maximum theologians and philosophers in historical past, and this translation offers readers with their first chance to learn his most crucial works inside a unmarried quantity.

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Rational creation was made to love the supreme essence 69. The soul that loves the supreme essence always will at some point live the truly happy life 70. Supreme essence requites its lover with itself 71. Eternal unhappiness for the soul that rejects the supreme essence 72. Every human soul is immortal 73. The human soul is either unhappy for ever, or truly happy at some time 74. No soul is unjustly deprived of the supreme good. The supreme good ought to be the object of our total commitment and exertion 75.

What then? Something that has come into existence without the existence of something that fashioned it, or some material for it to have been made out of, or some outside help, would seem to be nothing—or if not nothing, then to exist through and out of nothing. Now, this cannot not apply to the supreme nature. And, although the grounds for thinking this derive from what I have already, in the light of reason, pointed out, I am not going to leave out the step-by-step proof. For this meditation has all of a sudden brought me to something prodigious and fascinating, and so I do not want carelessly to skip any objection—no matter how down-to-earth or even downright silly—that I come up against.

6: 6]—I have chosen one man, one, not in a thousand but from all that are mortal. A man whom you know. I have chosen one man to be my advisor when I am in uncertainty, to be my teacher whereof I am ignorant, to set me right where I go wrong, and to seal what I do right with his approval. Although, in accordance with your wishes I have been unable to avail myself of him, yet have I determined to do so as far as I am able. For although there are very many men, besides Your Prudence, from whom I, uneducated as I am, might be able to derive improvement and education, and to whose critical judgement I should submit myself, compelled by my very lack of education, yet there is not one of those whom I have encountered to whose teaching and appraisal I would as willingly and confidently submit as I would to yours.

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