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Colum Cille, St Columba. The name means ' The Dove of the Church ', cf. Latin coZumba, ' dove '. His real name was Cremthann, and Colum Cille was a nickname ; for the anecdote purporting to tell how he got it see Stokes, ' Felire ', pp. 144-7 ; and ESSH, 1, 22, n. 3. In these texts the name is wrongly spelt twice as Collum (see p. 140) ; on dative Coluim see p. 146 ; on wrong spellings in the derivative Mal-Coluim see p. 1 32. Drostan, see p. 4. Cosgreg, genitive ; nominative Coscrach. Drostan's father's name does not occur in any other source known to me.

14. 5 See Notes. 35 The texts and translations Broiccin, and Cormac abbot of Turriff, and Morgann son of Donnchad, and Gille-Petair son of Donnchad, and Mal10 Fheichin, and the two sons of Maitne, and all the ' good men '1 of Buchan in witness of it, at Ellon. VII David king of Scots, to all his ' good men ' ,1 greetings. You are to know that the clergy of Deer are to be quit and immune from all lay service and improper exaction, as is written in their book, and as they proved by argument at Banff and swore at Aberdeen.

455. In Scotland, note Ferincoskry, formerly the name of the Creich district in Sutherland, = Ferann Coscraig, ' Coscrach's Land ' ; CPNS, p. 1 17. It is an adjectival derivative of coscur ' victory, triumph ', and therefore means ' Victorious ' or ' Triumphant '. i, Iona. As is well known, Iona is a bogus form, due to misĀ­ readingthe original Ioua of Adamn:in' s ' Life of Columba '. On the relation of the Gaelic f to Ioua, cf. CPNS, pp. 87ff. ; the modern nominative I (for Eo) is probably really the dative used as such.

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