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During this ebook, award-winning writer Goro Shimura treats new parts and provides appropriate expository fabric in a transparent and readable sort. themes contain Witt's theorem and the Hasse precept on quadratic varieties, algebraic concept of Clifford algebras, spin teams, and spin representations. He additionally comprises a few easy effects no longer with no trouble discovered somewhere else. the 2 precept subject matters are: (1) Quadratic Diophantine equations; (2) Euler items and Eisenstein sequence on orthogonal teams and Clifford teams. the place to begin of the 1st subject matter is the results of Gauss that the variety of primitive representations of an integer because the sum of 3 squares is basically the category variety of primitive binary quadratic types. provided are a generalization of this truth for arbitrary quadratic types over algebraic quantity fields and diverse functions. For the second one subject, the writer proves the lifestyles of the meromorphic continuation of a Euler product linked to a Hecke eigenform on a Clifford or an orthogonal crew. an identical is finished for an Eisenstein sequence on one of these staff. past familiarity with algebraic quantity conception, the publication is generally self-contained. a number of usual evidence are said with references for unique proofs. Goro Shimura received the 1996 Steele Prize for Lifetime success for "his vital and vast paintings on arithmetical geometry and automorphic kinds"

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5), one has pj ≤ X. 5) we insert F = λ1 x1 + λ2 x2 − ν, and set u(x1 , x2 ) = 0 unless x1 , x2 are primes p1 , p2 not exceeding X, in which case we take u(p1 , p2 ) = (log p1 )(log p2 ). 2, we October 6, 2009 13:49 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in ws-procs9x6 ¨ ¨ JORG BRUDERN, KOICHI KAWADA AND TREVOR D. WOOLEY 34 see that σ(τ, ν) = PF (τ ; u). 9), the formulae for P∗ (τ ; u) mutate into σ ∗ (τ, ν) = h(λ1 α)h(λ2 α)e(−να)dτ α, where now h(α) = (log p)e(αp) p≤X is a Weyl sum over primes. 12) remains valid, with ρs , ρ∗s replaced by σ, σ ∗ , respectively.

1. This approach, which has been used successfully by Br¨ udern, Cook and Perelli [6], Parsell [30], and others, is roughly of the same strength as the methods described herein. 1 and elsewhere. For thinner averages, it appears that it is almost mandatory to work with discrete test points, and this will be the theme in most of the following sections. October 6, 2009 13:49 46 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in ws-procs9x6 ¨ ¨ JORG BRUDERN, KOICHI KAWADA AND TREVOR D. WOOLEY 4. 1. 7. 1) where 1 < γ < 32 is fixed once and for all.

D. Browning, Sums of arithmetic functions over values of binary forms. Acta Arith. 125 (2007), 291–304. 2. R. D. Browning, Le probl`eme des diviseurs pour des formes binaires de degr´e 4. Submitted, 2008. 3. R. D. Browning, Manin’s conjecture for quartic del Pezzo surfaces with a conic fibration. Submitted, 2008. 4. D. Browning, An overview of Manin’s conjecture for del Pezzo surfaces. Analytic number theory — A tribute to Gauss and Dirichlet (G¨ ottingen, 20th June – 24th June, 2005), 39–56, Clay Mathematics Proceedings 7, AMS, 2007.

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