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By Ladimir Vukovic

ISBN-10: 1857444000

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One of the best chess books ever written, now within the revised algebraic version. the writer expounds either the fundamental rules and the main complicated sorts of assault at the king.

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A5. Both moves are fine—and likely to lead to similar (even the same) positions. White got two tempi, namely g3 and then Bg2. The second tempo is there when Black played ... e7-e5 in two moves. 5. g3 Nc6 7. Bg2 Be7 8. 0-0 e4 This move—allowing White to protect the c5-pawn—is okay, but why not simply take the pawn with 5. Bxc5, with a good game? 6. b4 e5 r+lqkl r pp+ +ppp +n+ n + + Ppp + P + + + + P +NP P+ +PP P RNLQKL+R After 6. e5 Turning the game into a Reversed Slav. A very good observation.

S. Championship— which, despite solid draws against fellow world-class players Nakamura, Onischuk, and Kamsky, was tainted by risky play that ultimately backfired against Akobian and Friedel —Ehlvest came to the Windy City resolved to play structured, disciplined chess. 2009 1. c4 b6!? This kind of unconventional defense for Black is a hallmark of Shabalov's style. 2. Nc3 Bb7 3. e4 e6 4. d3 Ehlvest had himself played the black side of this position against Evgeny Agrest in 2001. That game continued with the weird-looking 4.

27. cxb4 28. axb4 Nc6 29. b5 Nd8 On 29. Nb4, 30. Nb3 simply wins Chess Life — August 2009 33 2009 Chicago Open Black's d4-pawn. Black no longer has the idea of ... Bb7xf3, as in the note to White's 27th move, since he inserted ... Ne8-f6 first. 30. Nc4 Re7 31. Nd6 Ke6 32. Nf5 Rd7 33. Bf2 Ke5 34. Be2 g6 35. Bg3+ Kd5 + n + + pl+r+ + p + npp +P+k+N+ + p +P+ + +P+PL + +L+P+ + K + +R After 35. Kd5 36. Nxh6 White is playing around Black’s king. As the players move toward the time control, play becomes increasingly complex.

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