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Specialist authors have taken the content material of the AS and a degree necessities and provided them in a refreshingly transparent and concise layout. easy illustrations are used to give info in a very transparent and remarkable manner, and all content material is damaged down into brief one-page sections.

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E. colours) are slowed by different amounts, so they are refracted by different amounts. As a result, the white light splits into a range of colours called a spectru111. The spreading effect is known as dispersion. Violet light has the lowest speed in glass, so it is refracted most. air From electrons oscillating in magnetron. Used for radar, communication, cooking. f----10-3 infrared From hot objects. Used for heating. light From very hot ob(ects. Only form of radiation visible to human eye. Used for communication.

Frontal) area of the vehicle, vis its speed, and p is the density of the air. Car designers try to achieve as low a drag coefficient as possible. 30. where vis the speed of the vehicle, tis the reaction time of the driver, and a is the deceleration of the vehicle. 5 m s-2 . The graph shows the stopping distances for this data. high drag low drag This drag force is what is commonly called air resistance. Maximum speed of a car Provided that the maximum frictional force between the tyres and the road is not exceeded the maximum traction force F between the road and a car is fixed by the size of the engine.

Frontal) area of the vehicle, v its speed, and p is the density of the air. where B is a number related to the Reynolds number. Note: • In this case, drag = (speed)2. • Vehicles and aircraft are 'streamlined' in order to increase the critical speed and reduce drag (see B8, B1 0). The equation of continuity Car designers try to achieve as low a drag coefficient as possible (see B1 0). 30. Using the Bernoulli effect Equation (2) is only valid for a non-viscous, incompressible fluid in a horizontal pipe.

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