Assassin's Creed 02 Brotherhood by Oliver Bowden PDF

By Oliver Bowden

ISBN-10: 1101498404

ISBN-13: 9781101498408

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Buona sera, Caterina,” he replied, bowing to the Countess of Forlì. Their former intimacy was some way in the past, though neither of them had forgotten it, and when she had touched his arm, both—Ezio thought—had felt the chemistry of the moment. “Claudia told me you were here, and I have been looking forward to seeing you. But”—he hesitated—“Monteriggioni is far from Forlì, and—” “You needn’t flatter yourself that I have come all this way just on your account,” she said with a trace of her former sharpness, though he could see by her smile that she was not entirely serious, and, for himself, he knew that he was still drawn to this fiercely independent and dangerous woman.

It’s your uncle’s favorite steed. ” Federico mopped his brow. ” “Don’t worry. ” Ezio raced off after the horse, which he found without difficulty. It had calmed down and was even grazing some hay that was loaded onto a parked wagon. It balked slightly when Ezio approached, but then recognized him and did not run. He laid a comforting hand on its neck and patted it reassuringly before taking its bridle and leading it gently back the way they had come. On the way, he had the opportunity to do another good deed.

Here,” he said, slowly catching his breath. ” Ezio drank, then grimaced. ” “It’s the best they can do at the Sleeping Fox,” said Mario, grinning broadly. ” Ezio, grinning, too, passed the flask back to his uncle. But then his features became troubled. ” asked Mario, in gentler tones. Slowly Ezio produced the Apple from the pouch in which he’d stowed it. “This. ” Mario looked grave. “It is a heavy responsibility. ” “My heart tells me to be rid of it. But my brain…” “It was vouchsafed you…by whatever Powers you encountered in the Vault,” said Mario solemnly.

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Assassin's Creed 02 Brotherhood by Oliver Bowden

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