Attacking Chess: King's Indian, Volume 2 (Everyman Chess) - download pdf or read online

By David Vigorito

ISBN-10: 185744664X

ISBN-13: 9781857446647

The King’s Indian is still a highly renowned commencing – unsurprising given the attacking possibilities it deals. in lots of of the ultra-sharp major strains, White wins the queenside conflict yet this usually seems to be a Pyrrhic victory as Black wins the conflict through checkmating at the kingside! Black is looking the enemy king and – in functional play – this provides him a mental edge.  David Vigorito provides an competitive King’s Indian repertoire for Black in keeping with the most traces. Vigorito is well known for his commencing services, and his steered strains are jam-packed with cutting edge rules. additionally, his lucid factors of the major plans and strategies will gain all gamers. quantity 2 offers with the 4 Pawns assault, the Fianchetto edition, the Averbakh version and lots of different lines. ATTACKING CHESS is a new sequence which specializes in conventional attacking openings, in addition to inventive and competitive how you can play openings that aren't regularly linked to attacking chess. It presents hard-hitting repertoires and starting guns designed for avid gamers of all levels. * A King’s Indian repertoire for Black * cutting-edge assurance of the main lines * choked with new rules and demanding research 

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16 dxe6 c5 when 17 b4!? ltb7 is fairly level. b1 i.. b7 With unclear play and tests required. tt:Jces 13 t£Jd4 White cannot be satisfied with 13 t£Jg5?! tt:Jc5 or 13 cxb5 tt:Jxf3+! xf3 when both 14... g2 axb5 favour Black. �e8?! xa6 17 b5 gives White a clear advantage. bxc4!? 'it>xg7 16 1i'd4 'it>g8 17 f4 t2Jd3 is un­ clear. l:xb2! ixb2 t£J7c5 is a shocking rook sacrifice, but White has trouble holding on to the material: for example, 18 'ii'c2 tt:Jxb2 19 'ii'xb2 t£Ja4. ) 19 t£Jd5!. 14 cxbs tt:Jxds Janjgava considers this 'a safe route to equality'.

I.. e 3 because ... ctJg4 has been prevented. b8, which leads to sharp 42 play. Black can also consider the solid 8... d7, which will be covered in the next chapter. J�b8 9 e4 This is the most principled approach. White hopes to overrun Black in the centre. other moves will be considered in Chapter 3. 9... bs Black continues with his plan, not fearing the advance of the White e­ pawn. Now White can play solidly or offer to enter into complications. Atalik, Kranevo 1996. ie3 b4 and then: 11 l::te1 This is White's most common choice and this move was advocated by Avrukh.

Xd4! a6 leaves White without sufficient com­ pensation for the pawn. 14 lDd4 lDf6 15 lbxds Instead 1S bxa6?! a8 gives Black a strong centre and the tactical attempt 17 lbxc6?! l:txa7 also looks good for Black) 18 ... Smirin, Ramat Aviv 2000. lbxds Worse is 1S ... d2! Chiburdanidze, USSR Team Champi­ onship 1981, while 1S ... es? fails to 16 bxa6 exd4 17 a7!. gs The pawn structure i s similar to that in Line B222, but here Black's knight is on the active as-square and White is not a pawn up. Black lost quickly after 21 ...

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