Attacking the queenside by B Shashin PDF

By B Shashin

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Sutovsky - S. 'fixc5 35 l:tt7 'fia3 36 l:tf5 . tg5 lLle5 1 6 'fih3 l::te8 17 f4 lLld7 18 'fih4 Black's exceedingly passive play allows White to build up an attack, which soon proves decisive. th6 f5 21 l:tt3 b4 22 l:th3 lbf8 White to play White discovers a brilliant winning method: 48 l:te7 ! lLlxd5 49 l:te8! lLlf4 50 l:txf8+ 'ifxf8 51 'flieS lLlg6 52 b4! 'it>h7 53 'fixf8 lt:Jxf8 54 bxc5 ••• hh m*mm M it tm m mm y/////, mm vmi nmsii > 1 The t7-pawn contains Black's king while his knight cannot cope with both passed pawns on its own.

Td3 'ifh4+ 11 tt:Jf2 0-0-0 12 tt:Jd2 17 ... gxf4+ 18 �xf4 l:thg8 19 g5 tt:Je7! 20 c4?! Black's treatment of the opening leaves much to be desired. When a subsequent 1 3 tt:Jf3 is played, her game will be inferior both materially and positionally. 20 gxh6?? txh7?! may be a better way to combat 20 . tt:Jd5+. d4! tc6 21 'ife2? l:txd3 ! 22 'ifxd3 tt:Jg6+ 23 'ifxg6 A sad necessity. txf3+ regains the queen with interest. 23 ... f8+ (0-1, 40 moves). m 9 . J&. tc6 is an alternative intricate line. 1 e4 e6 2 'ife2 tt:Jc6 3 'ile3 !?

Bronstein. txb3 23 cxb3 'ir'xd3 . 14 ... txh2+! :te3 aS 23 'ir'f2?! Bronstein reveals that during the game he envisaged 23 . . xc3 a4 25 h4 axb3 26 h5 g5 27 h6. :txg6. Black has emerged from this forced series of moves with a winning advantage. •• You Cannot Be Serious In this way Black obtains a decent return for his investment. Some moves are so outrageous and rule-breaking that one finds it hard to treat them with respect. :tc8+ 1h- 1h D. tb7 6 0-0 ll'lc6 7 e4 e5 8 d3 g6 Black to play 36 Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson w Following his bold sacrifice, White already has a draw in hand; but he aspires for more !

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