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By Yuri Averbakh

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Russian grandmaster, Yuri Averbakh has selec ted the main fascinating and instructive video games from his weal th of expertise. gamers are sure to be insipred by way of t hese vintage video games and distinct annotations. '

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Fxes 20 �hs, and there is no defence against the mate) 20 dxes 'fId8 2 1 �hs 'fId7 22 exf6 'fIh7 23 �es 'fIxg6 24 �xg6 Ag8 25 �h7 f7 26 �xg8+ :xg8 and in this sharp ending Black has at least equal chances. Or 1 9 lDh4 'fId8 20 �hs 'fIe8 2 1 'fIxe8+ Axe8 22 lDg6+ �g7 23 lDxh8 Axh8 24 :fe l b4 (24 . . lDfB 25 �e8 lDb6 26 as) 25 l::txe6 c3 and Black's passed pawns are extremely dangerous. All these variations are so complicated and difficult that, from the practical point of view, perhaps I was right to decline the pawn sacrifice.

Now he has to give up his queen for rook and bishop, effectively settling the outcome. a5 there could have followed 23 :'f7 ! c6 24 l:lxg7 ! , threatening mate by both 25 :'xg8 and 25 ti)f7. i. xd7 Indirectly defending the c2 pawn (24 . . d6. Of the possible knight moves Black chooses by no means the best. Of course, 1 7 �5 was dangerous because of 1 8 � , but 1 7 ... �8 was quite acceptable, when I was intending to reply 1 8 :'d2, as ... i. g4 If 25 ... d6. a �g6 S4 Averbakh 's Selected Games Game 1 4 Golovk�Averbakh Moscow Championship 1950 Catalan Opening 1 2 3 4 27 lDf6 e6 Jlb4+ Jle7 The idea of this manoeuvre, which used to be employed by the Moscow master Nikolai Ryumin in the Dutch Defence, is to force the white bishop to occupy the poor square d2.

G5 was more accurate. During the game I thought it obligatory to exchange the bishops. b4 ':xb4 �f3 37 h4 would have made it much more difficult for Black to realise his material advantage, although even now he has to display good technique. 37 27 ':d3 ! Not 27 . . 3, when White disentangles himself. n 28 :Jd4 To win the bishop, it only remains for Black to open an escape square for his king. Therefore White tries to make use of his last chance - he sacrifices the exchange to simplify the position as much as possible, leaving three pawns against three on the same flank.

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