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By Christopher Norris

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Alain Badiou's Being and Event is the main unique and demanding paintings of French philosophy to have seemed in fresh many years. it's the magnum opus of a philosopher who's commonly thought of to have re-shaped the nature and set new phrases for the longer term improvement of philosophy in France and in different places. This publication has been written a great deal in an effort to clarifying Badiou's advanced and significant paintings for non-specialist readers. It bargains suggestions on philosophical and highbrow context, key topics, studying the textual content, reception and impact; and extra interpreting.

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Thus Heidegger i s right, s o far a s Badiou i s concerned, in naming ancient Greece as the inaugural site of that discourse on being and therefore as the source - and a constant point of refer­ ence - for every subsequent, no matter how radical departure onto new tracks of thought. However, 'it is not in the enigma and the poetic fragment that the origin may be interpreted' but rather in 'the mathematico-philosophical nexus . . which dermes, until Kant, the "classic" domain of its objects' (BE, p.

Moreover, this entails that there cannot be a concept of the multiple, at least if by 'concept' is meant a clearly defined - necessary and sufficient - set of condi­ tions for what the term properly denotes. After all, '[o]ne would thus count it [the multiple] as one and being would be lost again', insofar as being is equated by Badiou with whatever eludes our best-present powers of cognitive grasp precisely on account of its having 'no place in the conceptual order laid down by the currently prevailing count-as-one.

Which dermes, until Kant, the "classic" domain of its objects' (BE, p. 1 0). Moreover, its domain has now been extended, with the advent of modem set theory, in directions strictly inconceivable to Kant and onto ground strictly inaccessible to those working within that 'classic' ontological paradigm. 1 2 For what henceforth offers itself to thought is the prospect of an ontological enquiry that is restricted neither to the limits of unaided human intuition - limits already 23 BADIOU'S BEING AND EVENT surpassed through the passage to Copernican-Galilean astro� nomy and decisively transcended through developments such as non�Euclidean geometry or Einsteinian Relativity - nor even to the bounds of what is knowable according to our current best methods of conceptual or empirical investigation.

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