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It was a small step to rioting and civil unrest. In spite of being labeled an infidel and a heretic, the Bab attracted followers across Persia. The Bab even began to attract some members of the clergy. This disturbed and angered Muslim leaders even more. Anyone who attracted followers was a threat to them. They had the Bab placed under house arrest in Shiraz. However even though the Bab’s movements were restricted, his followers in distant cities were persuading more and more people of the truth of the Bab’s claims.

Before dawn he led his band of Babi fighters out of the fort. They broke through first one and then another set of barricades until they were finally outside. However their success was costly and shortlived. A sniper who had climbed a tree shot Mulla Husayn in the chest. His companions carried him back to the fort, where he died a few hours later. ThE EnD of ThE siEgE At last the remaining Babis gave up the struggle and agreed to surrender. The army swore on the Quran that the Babis would be permitted to leave safely.

The Bab responded with letters of his own, and Mirza Husayn Ali gained an impressive knowledge of the Bab’s thinking and outlook. Other Babi leaders such as Vahid, Quddus, Mulla Husayn, and Tahirih drew him into their inner circle. They began to look upon Mirza Husayn Ali as an important interpreter of the Bab’s teachings. BAHA’U’llAH—”gloRy of god” In 1848 Mirza Husayn Ali organized and helped to direct the gathering of Babis in the village of Badasht; this conference at Badasht gave Babism a new and more revolutionary direction.

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