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By Mohamed Sami Anwar

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The quantity makes an attempt to accommodate equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and their distant constitution. during this designated monograph Mohamed Sami Anwar oes to teach that equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are derived from underlying sentences that experience transitive or intransitive verbs and that the verb be in its overt shape is barely a stressful marker. The bankruptcy following the creation bargains with the equational sentences functioning as conveyers of stative rules. The 3rd bankruptcy offers with the verb be in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and the way it services in simple terms as a demanding marker. The fourth bankruptcy is an research of choice as regards the topic and why on occasion the predicate, on the floor constitution, has to happen sooner than the topic. the ultimate bankruptcy bargains with the predicate slot and its kinds of fillers, and analyzes additionally the distant constitution of the equational sentences to interpret the phenomenon of the presence and lack of contract in quantity and gender among the topic and the predicate.

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Or 2. The sentence contains a Det N sequence which matches the Det N sequence to its left. This situation identifies relative clause modification. e) Proper nouns, appearing only in the configuration are interpreted as having a definite determiner, one which typically has no phonetic value. il- 'the': 'the'. This article has the feature [+ Attach] as it is prefixed to the following N. However, there is no indefinite ar­ ticle. Examples of nouns with the definite article are: 47 THE SUBJECT OF THE EQUATIONAL SENTENCE (3) ?

Dōl 'these, those' are also among the definite subjects. (33) da kitāb. 'this ( is ) a book . ' As Fillmore (1967) suggests, "pronouns are determiners which became pronominal when the nouns associated with them were deleted by transformations". (p. 100). 8 Syntactically, the definite subjects have the follow­ ing in common: a) They take definite modifiers: (35) a. asmar gʕā. the dog the black hungry. ' b. masr ilgamīla baladi. Egypt the beautiful my country. īs bitāʕ innādi ani. ' c) They can support both restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses: (37) a.

Possession constructions 52 THE VERB "BE" IN EGYPTIAN COLLOQUIAL ARABIC may have the following surface structure: The noun to the left is the thing possessed and it has to be indefinite. The NP to the right is the possessor. For example, I can say: (27) kitāb ilwalad. a book the boy. ' or (28) k i t ā b walad. a book a boy. ' when the proper nouns with the definite article are used as the left noun in this possession construction, the def­ inite article has to be deleted. are two morphemes and not one.

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